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About Us

Price, Perfection & Performance

One Goal: You

We knew that with golf being one of the most competitive spaces in the world, we would have to bring clubs to the market that beat the competition in quality and price combined.

When LAZRUS Golf was started there was a handful of things that we weren't willing to skimp on. Our very first task was to do whatever it took to give you the best value at an unbeatable price. We wanted to create a golf company that let you know that we understand you and your needs as a golfer. We know all golfers love great clubs but often cant afford them.

So what if we told you that we negotiated to supply you with golf clubs that are made in the same place as some of the greatest clubs in the world - At a price that is 1/3 of the top competitors? The good news is that is exactly what we did. 

It didn't take long to realized that every single core value that we have is violated by the typical high margin retail model that most of the "top" brands have. At that time we decided to innovate and create our own model. No middleman, no retail price hiking and no absurd margins. The normal retail formula is simple. Retailers hardball companies to supply them at low prices, forcing the supplier to use cheaper materials, designs and manufacturing. We do not have the same constraints because we cut out the middleman and slash retail prices in half or more!

Our Promise To You
  • To never sell anything less than the very best
  • Impeccable club quality
  • Unbeatable pricing
  • Excellent and transparent customer service
  • Excellent warranties & policies
  • Provide the best value to you on the market, hands down

The Result: No limits on value, performance and perfection. We are able to break the traditional mold of high price, lower quality clubs. LAZRUS Golf clubs come with a 30 day on course guarantee as well as a 1 year warranty. If you don't think they are the best value you have ever played, don't hesitate to send them back to us. Always remember, we are golfers ourselves and are here to negotiate and supply you with the best golf clubs on the market. Period.